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GenomELECTION: Legal Subproject

Legal Framework of Genome Editing in Research and Application


Prof. Dr. iur. Winfried Kluth, Dr. iur. Timo Faltus, Dipl.-Jur., Dipl.-Biol. (project manager and joint project coordinator), Melissa Wölfel (student assistant), Jens Reuter (student assistant)

Within the joint research project GenomELECTION the legal subproject investigates the legal, regulatory, and political framework conditions of the technically most advanced methods of genome editing in the fields of basic research, applied sciences as well as in medicine. The research work of this subproject focuses on genome editing in crop plants and molecular medicine. The legal, regulatory and political questions in this area have the greatest socio-economic importance at present. The urgency and importance is based on the fact that there are already numerous scientific-medical and technical studies in this area. However, they are lacking an adequate legal and regulatory foundation. Eliminating this lack is a major aim of this subproject.


Dr. iur. Timo Faltus, Dipl.-Jur., Dipl.-Biol.

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