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GenomELECTION: Ethical Subproject

Ethical Considerations on Genome Editing – Emerging Challenges Posed by the Blurring of Naturalness and Scientific Artificiality


Prof. Dr. phil. Matthias Kaufmann (project management), Dr. phil. Hans Zillmann, M.A.

The thematic focus and the main research issue of the ethical subproject are the identification, designation and answer of socio-ethical and medicine-ethical key questions relating to the use of methods of genome editing such as CRISPR/Cas9 in fundamental research, applied research and possible medical applications in the future. The socio-ethical and medicine-ethical reflection of these question became constantly more urgent, because, meanwhile, genome editing plays a significant role in fundamental research. It is, however, lacking the socio-ethical and medicine-ethical reflections which are due to this technology because of its efficacy. Reflections and recommendations like these are of even more significance, because the modern approaches to genome editing already have the potential to be transferred to applied sciences as well as to crop plant breeding and molecular medicine.


Prof. Dr. phil. Matthias Kaufmann

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