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Survey on Health-oriented and therapy-oriented Citizen Science projects

Information about the survey

Health-oriented and therapy-oriented Citizen Science projects have the potential to provide new impulses for health prevention as well as impulses for the development of new therapeutic approaches for diseases.

Since research in the health sector as well as in the therapy sector has special ethical and legal requirements, Citizen Science projects in these areas face likewise special ethical and legal challenges. The research project "ANALYSIS AND REGULATION OF THERAPY-ORIENTED CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECTS", funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, aims to help identify these challenges in time to provide the Citizen Science community with potential solutions to these challenges. This should further promote citizen science engagement in the area of health-oriented and therapy-oriented citizen science projects. Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to get a thematic overview on health-oriented and therapy-oriented Citizen Science projects in order to better address the legal and ethical needs of these projects.

This survey serves as a factual collection of health-oriented and therapy-oriented Citizen Science projects. No personal data of the project staff or other persons involved in these projects will be collected, stored or processed. Participation is open to all Citizen Science projects worldwide that address questions from the following areas in their projects

  • Prevention: health information, health protection, health prevention, disease prevention, and the like.
  • Therapy: therapy information, improvement of an existing therapy, development of new therapies, and the like.

Answering the 15 questions should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

Since the survey does not collect any personal data from you, you will not be asked for your personal contact details. If you have any questions about the survey or our research project, please contact the project manager: Dr. Timo Faltus (timo.faltus []

Thank you for your support

If you agree as part of the survey, basic data about your Citizen Science project can be published in this table. This consent is voluntary/optional and is not a requirement to participate in the survey.

Last updated: June 21th, 2021